Organic food wraps the green solution

Organic food wraps, the green solutionWe can be careful about what we buy and eat but what happens in food storage? Generally in order not to alter the taste and to make them last longer, we wrap everything, with the plastic, which however risks frustrate all our health and environmental respect. On the market there are films made of various materials, including PVC that is very performing for elasticity and ability to adhere perfectly to the food but hides several pitfalls. It is composed of various additives,chemical compounds classified as endocrine disruptors that migrate easily into fatty foods. Can release some carcinogenic substances such as vinyl chloride and, during the industrial production phase, causes the emission of chlorinated pollutants. But do not be discouraged, the alternatives exist and are spreading more and more. In recent years there have been many companies and start-ups that have invested in sustainable packaging for foods that use natural raw materials and that do not cause harm to people or the environment.

Organic wraps

A food preservation product made of organic cotton, to be used as an alternative to plastic. The idea was born years ago from the mind of an mother, owner of a small family-run farm, who says she started from a simple observation. If I try to eat and feed my children healthy food but then I keep it in the plastic, what’s the point? From there, he started thinking about making sustainable packaging for foods that could act as an alternative to traditional PVC. As often happens, it turned to tradition, investigating the methods that were used by older generations, when plastic had not yet been invented.

This is how he chose to revisit an old recipe giving life to an organic cotton coating, treated with a mix of organic cotton and jojoba oil that gives it its elastic and adherent properties. Thanks to the properties, the packaging can be sealed using only the heat of the hands . After use, the sheet, which is available in various sizes for different uses, can be washed, dried and then reused or, if it has reached the end of its life ,estimated to be about one year Read more