Paleo diet cookbooks & paleo diet benefits

paleo diet benefitsThe paleo diet, the name itself says, is a diet that is based on the concept of life in the times of the Paleolithic men. What were our primitive ancestors fed? The tools at their disposal were certainly few and could feed on what they could gather and hunt. The man, by nature, is not endowed with claws and does not have a jaw predisposed for the chewing of too fibrous or hard foods.It goes without saying that man could feed on what he collected in the soil like berries, seeds, fruit, vegetables and sometimes larvae. Sometimes he could hunt a small animal like a hare or fish. So here are the foods that become part of the paleo diet. We must be careful not to make confusion: the paleo diet is not a diet based on consumption of meat and its derivatives as too often we mean. The paleo diet involves the consumption of food in quantities and proportions similar to those that a man could obtain in nature.

Paleo foods

What it means to follow the paleo diet.Our food style today is very different from what our Paleolithic ancestors had, both in practical terms and in terms of quality of food. Our food is more contaminated, even what we find in nature. However, this is not an excuse to avoid eating in the best possible way. The paleo diet nowadays considers these foods as the healthiest and best tolerated by our organism: fruit; vegetables; seeds; berries;eggs; fish and meat of small animals (sporadically). In nature we would not be able to consume most of  cereals (spelled, barley, rice, buckwheat, etc.). In nature we would find them in the form of a grain and our teeth are not structured to chew them. To be more precise, cereals in nature are often found because they are grown by people and not because there is spontaneous growth.

Benefits of paleo diet

The paleo diet is based on the intake of fibrous carbohydrates (fruits and vegetables in large quantities), fats (seeds and berries) and in small proportion proteins (fish or small animals). The benefits that this diet has are undeniable: it is useful for those who are overweight, for those suffering from Read more 

paleo diet benefits