Pet bakery Business extreme pet business profits

Pet bakery Business The one between people and pets is a deep and passionate bond. In our country, in one house in three, they live a dog or a cat. This is what the 2018 data say, which also tells us one detail: People have spent over 2 billion just for feeding their four-legged friends. The average cost of each family for the maintenance of their animal, however, has decreased compared to the previous year. In fact, there are not a few people who find themselves in difficulty in tackling the often high cost of spending on pet food. If once the dog or the house cat were not subjected to veterinary visits or were content with the leftovers of the table, today it is no longer the case. The market offers tailor-made foods that are also tailored to their age, their lifestyle (sedentary or active), their breed and, of course, their tastes: salmon, trout, game, veal, chicken, steamed vegetables, rice and so on and so forth.

Healthy home made eat

Now that we are all more careful and aware that a healthy diet is necessary for our psychophysical wellbeing, we increasingly apply this principle to the diet of our pets. Prepare a homemade baby food allows you to check origin, quality and preservation of the ingredients; moreover, home-made food does not contain any additives or preservatives and is always fresh and rich in water, as opposed to packaged snacks and crunches.

Home cooking: what we need to know

In the United States, the “home-made” pet food has started a few years ago; in particular,some diet, was established as “biologically appropriate raw food”. It is a diet based on raw meat and bones, considered by many to be ideal for the animal because it is very similar to what it would have if it lived in nature. But there are those who do not agree, because the risk of perforations due to sharp bones or poisoning is so low, but not completely absent. It is easier and more pleasant then to prepare some special recipes at home. More than 150 recipes created by experts in Pet Nutrition that will improve the health of the animals. Use the recipes proposed in this guide to start a business this Read more