Phone Photography Tricks High-Quality DSLR Phone

Phone Photography tipsJust a few phone photography tricks are enough to learn how to take professional-level photos with smartphones. This guide will explain some really interesting tricks. Clearly there are many variables involved, including: camera sensor type,fire opening,software optimization,stabilization. To take professional photos with smartphones, you need to know that not all smartphone cameras are the same. The difference can be seen more easily in the most difficult conditions such as poor lighting and movement. On the positive side, it is quite easy to improve the quality of photographs with the smartphone, paying attention to certain parameters, composition rules and applications to edit photos.

Smartphone With a Good Camera

First,the type of sensor. There are different technologies and patents depending on the manufacturer, each with its own peculiarities. Another parameter is the opening of the fire. That number that reads next to the letter “f” when it comes to optics. Without going into technicalities, the smaller the number, the more the sensor is able to capture light. You can take pictures of good quality even in low light conditions, shortening the time when the sensor must remain open to capture light and also reducing the risk of blurred photographs.

Software optimization is another parameter not to be forgotten. Each camera is designed to be used with the native application, which often offers better performance and unique features. Third-party applications can be useful in processing and filtering, but the pre-installed stock application is always preferable for shooting. The last parameter that consider here is stabilization, which can be optical or digital. Is always preferable that it is optical, that is, obtained from a mechanical system for compensating micro-movements. The alternative is a software development. Phone photography tricks Read more