Photo manipulation tutorial create toon character

Photo manipulation tutorial In this article I’m really excited to describe one of the best tutorial I’ve ever used; a step by step tutotial that explain everithing, is good for everyone, young people, gentlemen, experienced users and people who can barely press the buttons on the mouse. When we talk about professional photo-editing, we always think about very famous programs. When, in many articles, we talked about photomontages, we were referring, in large part, to web applications that provide already pre-configured backgrounds in which to paste your own photograph. On this occasion we can instead speak of photomontages in the true sense of the word, that is, in mixing two photographs, and put, for example, in place of one’s own face another thing or create a Cartoon Character. You can make all personal photo-editing operations where the background can be any digital image that is on the computer or on the internet. You can do caricatures, improve images, remove defects, apply a virtual makeup, make photomontages of ghosts or insert your own photo into backgrounds deriving from other images, creating frames, collages or magazine effects.

You can create video morphing with a real face swap, mixing two faces and you can create animations of a photo (like making a wink), create a gif and moving images. Photo manipulator tutorial is made simple and affordable for everyone but above all allows you to work on photos having fun. I do not say that it takes 5 minutes to do editing, editing and photomontages takes time and precision with the mouse and you can not do it in a hasty way but I can assure that, from the technical point of the software, there is nothing to study.

Photomontages art of combining two or more photographs

We can take free ones from the internet or use our own photo. The nice thing is that there is no limit to the imagination. We can for example cut out a person’s face and put it on another’s body. But of course we can also create posters and more complex projects This tutorial is a simplified Photoshop. We will be able to create shades of all kinds. We can cut out the eyes, the nose, the mouth etc. The easiest thing is definitely to start trying it right away¬†Read more