Reiki healer natural ability to channel your life-force

reiki healerReiki is an oriental energy technique, whose ideogram “Rei-Ki” consists of two symbols, “Rei” which represents the universal energy and “Ki” which represents the individual essence. So we could summarize the meaning of the word Reiki as the universal energy that unites with one’s own. When we talk about energy we refer to the so-called “subtle bodies”, we talk about that energy, invisible to the eyes, of which the entire universe is made. The founder of Reiki , left some precepts as principles to be followed for the practitioners of this discipline.The founder called them “secret method of spiritual medicine and happiness to cure all diseases”. It is an invitation to be present, to live “here and now”, to abandon anger and to develop greater trust and gratitude. An exhortation to be honest and kind to ourselves and others. In these five principles lies a profound wisdom, little great tips to improve one’s existence, to be happy and healthy. It would be enough to apply these principles and make them one’s own to transform one’s life for the better.

The practice of Reiki

Reiki is not a religion, nor a philosophy, but simply a discipline and a technique for energy rebalancing. This practice allows to channel the energy and transmit it to the body, to rebalance the energy flow and remove any energy stagnations that hinder the free flow, thus activating the body’s natural self-healing capacity. Reiki is therefore a technique used for healing but it is also a practice to restore balance in a sweet and natural way, as a support also on the psychological-emotional level. Today, in some hospitals, there are already cases of integration between energy medicine and official medicine that integrate for a common goal. In fact, in some hospitals, Reiki is used as a support for both patients and medical personnel.

Reiki treatments

During a Reiki treatment, the operator becomes a “channel” and through his hands the energy flows into the body of the treated person. Reiki treatment tends to rebalance individual energy through the body’s energy centers, called Chakras. The individual energy is harmonized and any blockages removed, thus restoring the energetic balance that favors the natural self-healing process of the organism. In addition to favoring the healing of the physical body, Reiki also acts on the most subtle and profound levels, favoring a greater awareness of the spiritual nature.

Reiki work?

Yes, of course, but like all practices, in reality, the consciousness of the “patient” plays a fundamental role, since it is always he or she who understands the message of the disease and allows its healing. It always depends on us Read more