Running plan building stronger glutes for better running

running plan for beginnerStarting to run is the goal of many, especially with the arrival of spring. The longer days and the milder temperatures push more and more people to approach the running, even just to get back in shape in view of the summer and without having to resort to subscriptions in the gym that do not always then take advantage. The benefits of running are obvious, if you manage to be constant, not just from an aesthetic point of view. Very beneficial for the body and for the mind. In fact, running helps to reduce stress levels, stimulates serotonin (also known as a good mood hormone), facilitates sleep and helps improve blood circulation. There are many reasons to try this activity, but to avoid that the race becomes one of the many good intentions that have gone bad, it is good to start knowingly. It is not enough just to go down the street and start running: there are a number of things to know and to evaluate. And above all, to avoid getting hurt and to get tired quickly, it is necessary to start with a program adapted to your abilities.

Point to a goal and set a roadmap

Quiet, the marathon is still far, but there are many races organized in each city with significantly more affordable distances that you can take as a reference point. Choose one and draw up your training plan. The ideal is to go three times a week, in order to allow the body to recover in the interval days, but memorize the progress made from time to time. Take into account your inexperience: even if you have already practiced other sports it is not said that you have a good resistance. So avoid running the entire distance at once from the first workout. Rather, start with running and walking intervals until you reach the miles you want, increasing the range of each session by one minute until you are able to do the entire route without pauses.

Choose suitable clothing

Forget about wearing the high school jumpsuit. And not so much for a question of fashion , but because the technical clothing is designed specifically to accommodate the runners and make physical activity as comfortable as possible. It is not just about practicality, but also about performance. The garments are made to allow the skin to breathe, with fabrics designed also according to the seasons and weather conditions. A true runner never stops, also because sportswear brands produce garments with increasingly advanced technologies that allow you to go out with all kinds of weather. The jackets, for example, although apparently light, are designed to isolate from the cold while remaining thin and not bulky Read more