Spelling worksheets lots of FUN spelling practice

Spelling worksheetsThe ability to perform spelling is one of the “headache” tasks of teachers and not only those of primary or secondary schools, sometimes even high school kids make spelling mistakes. I want to write some strategies that are linked to each other in the first years of primary school, just when literacy is acquired. Will you ask yourself …? Why in the first years of study? The answer is simple, if you teach how to write correctly in the first years, you can detect and correct errors at the root, in the future the child will no longer have Problems. The first strategy that I can, say certainly has worked in my experience, is the “dictation of words”. It is very important to encourage the child in writing , so just start this activity dictating the words letter by letter, then gradually you reach the dictation of syllables, words bisyllabic and more and more complex words, this strategy must be our permanent activity.

Identify the success

It is fundamental to help the student to identify both the successes and the errors in his writing, positively reinforcing the correct words, that is, instead of pointing out the committed error in red 100 times, rewrite a page with the written word correctly, then ask read it and then ask for the spelling of the word, in this way it is ensured that the child is left with the imprint of the written word correctly and that he is not fixed on the error. Another strategy that I consider valid is obviously the training of reading. Therefore, reading helps to memorize words visually, in fact, as one acquires the reading, it runs faster and faster because the competence of the forecast comes into play. If you often think of it when we read we tend to go quickly because we sense the meaning of the discourse and the words that will implement a spelling prediction unconsciously, children obviously do not have such skills but acquire them over time to help them develop their skills, for example, you can propose to invent sentences with words that were in the passage read.

The spelling

Personally I advise you to give great importance to ‘spelling, in short, rewarding students for their spelling improvements will surely motivate them to continue to practice to continue working and improve again. For the children the motivation is fundamental if there is no motivation there can not be a good learning, this is logical, so it is up to us to find strategies to make learning activities more engaging and fun becauseĀ  Read more