Success Secret Find Your Focus Key To Happiness

success secretWe are a multitude of memories, beliefs and forms. Often creating distortions and misunderstandings that we interpret as a reason not to evolve, to remain immobile. Prey to our fears and a life based on illusions. Crushed by this multitude of information and memories exists our true Being, our conscience. The most authentic essence, that unique part of us that decides authentically through “free will”. The only one that can lead us to the inner and profound understanding of our real needs, of the true value in our life and of what makes us happy.


When you decide to change your life and take a serious personal journey inside you. You begin to realize how many people still live in suffering and fear, prey to illusory needs, material and psychological security. Lost in the meanders of a mind that still recognizes the separation, in which their Ego lives imprisoned. Have you ever wondered what life would be like without having to look like the others want you to be? And who would you be, if you did not feel that need to feel accepted and respected, without the fashionable dress or the model of cell phone so envied? How would you be without your scholastic baggage and your intellectual knowledge? Or maybe, even more full of Ego for your spiritual formation, thinking of having emerged from a situation of illusion and control.

Spiritual evolution

Your true Self is not hidden behind a mask, it does not repress what you really are, it does not allow itself to be influenced or subjugated. You do not need to change your role and character, you need to become a free human being. Who you really are does not fear judgment, does not need support groups, does not suffer life. Chooses to face and rework. Success meaning find Read more