Meditation program learn how to meditate

Meditation programHow do you meditate? How can I learn to meditate in a short time? These two are undoubtedly the questions most often asked by people, relatives and students. It is not easy to respond in a few words and easily to this request . People spent decades understanding and mastering the meditation and its many techniques. Simplifying this concept in a few essential points is very hard. We wanted this practice to be within everyone’s reach so that anyone could embrace the enormous benefits of meditation in everyday life. All We have learned is collected in this guide that we have written for you. Are you ready to discover with me how to meditate? Let’s start our journey!

What is (and what is not!) Meditation

If you flip through the dictionary, you will find the following definition in the voice of meditation.To stop at length and with intense spiritual concentration the mind over an object of thought, to consider deeply a problem, an argument in order to understand its essence, to investigate its nature and to draw from it developments, consequences, etc. These few lines seem to express an incredibly complicated concept (and in fact the practical side of meditation is a complete mystery for those who have never experienced it), but they are a good starting point to understand the depth of the meditative process and reasons why it is worth even trying to learn it. Meditation means above all to become, evolve, transform, avoid the emotional stasis and the stagnation of our thoughts. And to do this we must focus all our attention on the present moment, without distractions.

Meditation is just that. Focusing on the here and now, without anxiety, worries and superfluous thoughts. Meditating means enjoying the present moment and regulating the mind to detach itself from its “autopilot” to contemplate what surrounds us and to feel all the sensations that pass through our body in the present. Many have a distorted idea of ​​meditation and for this reason we want to clarify what is not meditation before starting, to dispel the most common myths and wrong expectations. Meditation program Read more