Gaming jobs – test games for money

Make Money Playing GamesPlaying videogames can be relaxing and fun, as well as competitive, but the people who spend so many hours are often accused of wasting precious time just playing. Playing videogames you do not make money, they say. But it’s not really like that. The truth is that the most gamers can turn this activity into a way to make extra money. Make money playing video games is not impossible, everyone can make money to realize his dreams . There are many ways to make money by playing videogames, Read the following about these ways to make money with something you love to do.

Test games online

Before a video game is placed on the market, it must be tested to ensure that there are no bugs and defects that compromise its operation. Because this work takes hours, video game producers hire testers to try out the game. Becoming one of these testers allows you to earn an interesting income. You will have to be very careful to grasp the various details, and keep a detailed and careful report of the various bugs you will find. In some cases, testers have mandatory deadlines and must also find a number of errors or malfunctions.

Videogames testers can make very good income. The best experienced testers also earn more than 50,000 dollars a year. You do not need a degree or special experience to apply as a tester, you do not need to know programming , game design, graphic design and other. Moreover ,a very positive side, is that you can do the work from home. It is not necessary to have an office and is not matter in which part of the world you are, which makes this work particularly attractive.

If you want to succeed as a tester of videogames, you will have to approach the work more like an error finder,and not as a competitor. So it is likely that the game will not enjoy you as much. In addition to this opportunity, there are also sites that allow you to earn amounts of money to play games for small periods of time, such as Read more