Why am I always cold | What are the reasons

why am I always coldWhy am I always cold? let’s be clear. Do you always have icy hands, feet and live with a sweater at hand even when the others around you are in t-shirts? Then it is very likely that you are one of those people who torments yourself with the question “why am I always cold?”.

The reasons behind this feeling of cold are many and often linked to medical reasons, such as anemia, hypothyroidism, and to some lifestyle factors, such as poor physical activity or a poor DIET. Anemia due to iron and vitamin B12 deficiency can cause you to feel cold, as well as giving you low vital energy.

The main sources of vitamin B12 are of animal origin (meat, fish, dairy products). If you follow a VEGETARIAN DIET, you may need a supplement to take this vitamin. Green leafy vegetables and legumes are among the most iron-rich plant foods. Ideal to pair them with foods that have high concentrations of vitamin C, such as lemons, to maximise iron intake.


Why am I always cold from thyroid problems. When your body does not produce enough thyroid hormones, which regulate your metabolism, you find yourself constantly cold and feeling an unexplained tiredness. You can check if you suffer from hypothyroidism with blood tests that include the complete collection of thyroid hormones.

I am underweight

I’m always cold because I’m underweight. Being underweight can make you feel colder for two reasons. The first is that the fat works as an insulator for our body, protecting us from the cold.

The second is that reducing the calorie intake forces the metabolism to work harder to create enough heat to protect you. For this reason is always good to follow a balanced diet and as varied as possible. Even more important in the cold winter months.

I sleep badly

I’m always cold because I sleep badly. Sleeping badly and waking up several times during the night can slow down your metabolism resulting in an increased feeling of cold during the day. To sleep more peacefully and recharge your body, try follow this SIMPLE RULES.

Don’t drink enough

I’m always cold because I’m dehydrated. When your body lacks water, your blood circulation is not so effective and there is not enough blood reaching your muscles and brain.

This can cause side effects such as a feeling of cold, but also HEADACHES and loss of concentration. To make sure you get all the hydration you need, don’t forget to drink at least two litres of water every day.


DIABETES causes neuropathies involving the nerves responsible for the senses. Those suffering from this disease can then experience hands and feet asleep, with a feeling of cold, which is not effective. In this case the message sent to the brain by the hands and feet is wrong.

Fat and protein

Fats are often seen as enemies of healthy eating, but they are important for our well-being, such as allowing the intake of fat-soluble vitamins. The important thing is to moderate the quantities and prefer the “good” fats, such as those contained in fish, olive oil and so on.

This does not mean that in order not to feel cold you should eat sweets, because these increase the calories, but not the heat. Better choose legumes, meat, fish or dried fruit such as almonds and walnuts, foods that help the body to raise the temperature.

Proteins are also important in this sense, because they give essential energy to prevent fatigue and avoid feeling cold.

Poor circulation

If you are always cold in your hands and feet, then the problem maybe is the poor blood circulation. In fact, in this case the blood cannot reach the peripheral extremities well, thus keeping these parts of your body particularly cold.

There is also a rare disease, which excessively limits the flow of blood into the feet and hands. This happens when you suffer a triggering factor, such as cold or STRESS. Then the circulatory system is attacked and the blood vessels shrink. However, this syndrome affects only a small percentage of the population.


I don’t play sports. Doing the right physical activity and taking the good habit of training is very important to increase your body temperature. The best way to increase your temperature is through MUSCLE training, because muscles are the biggest organ for developing heat.

In addition, doing sport activates your metabolism and improves your blood circulation. Move regularly and you will see that the feeling of cold over time will decrease.

I’m a woman!

It is not an urban legend that women feel colder than men. There are several scientific reasons, including hormonal reasons and a lower basal metabolic rate of women than men.

This is not a huge difference, but it partly explains why women are getting colder than boys.