Why am I so hungry | Reason for hunger after eating

why am I so hungryWhy am I so hungry? Let’s be clear. No, it’s not an exclusive question that few people ask themselves. Always feeling hungry is a phenomenon that affects many. That feeling at the end of a meal that there is still something missing to be full.

The thought of why am I so hungry when you got up from the table just twenty minutes before. Always feeling hungry is normal for those who suffer from some particular disease. Or for those who have suffered from a sudden WEIGHT LOSS due to surgery. But for all the others, it is something different and inexplicable.

It must be made clear, that hunger is not a “disease”. During the period of evolution of the human race , the sense of continuous hunger was fundamental to “communicate” to the individual the urgency of supplying the body with the fuel necessary to keep it alive. Without the feeling of hunger, we would be extinct.

Everything is available

Today, however, to eat, we no longer need to throw stones at birds or climb trees to pick fruit. Everything is available in supermarkets, and we can eat at fixed times, a meal in company, is a gesture of social aggregation. The sense of always feeling hungry, with the “advanced civilization”, would almost be meaningless. However, there are very specific reasons why we always feel hungry even when our body is full already.


There is one product from the stomach called “ghrelin”. It increases when we are short of calories, it decreases if the stomach is full, especially of carbohydrates. Then there is leptin.

Leptin values are very high in those who are overweight. It happens that eating foods rich in sugar and fat, especially during occasional binge eating or alone. Stimulates the production of dopamine, which, increases the “good mood”.

This establishes a relationship of gratification. It triggers a form of addiction identical to that of drugs. We therefore remain prisoners of a “vicious circle”. We eat to recreate that effect of happiness again, which then degenerates and requires more foods.

Not sleep enough

Yes, a good night’s sleep helps you not always feeling hungry . Those who not sleep enough, stimulate two mechanisms that stimulate hunger. First the lack of energy accumulated with the loss of sleep turns into a need for food. In this way, the body will burn the kilo calories it takes and transform them into energy. But the lack of sleep also “confuses” the hunger hormone.

When our bodies are tired, the levels of leptin (hormone that controls the appetite) fall. While the levels of ghrelin (hormone produced by the stomach that stimulates it) on the other hand increase. The advice is to get a good night’s sleep of 8 hours. Or, if you really can’t, opt for healthy foods, such as fruit and vegetables, complex carbohydrates and lean proteins.

Eating quickly

You get to eat a meal and after just fifteen minutes you find yourself saying, “Why am I so hungry? “. Are you sure you haven’t eaten enough? Maybe you just eat quickly. The hormone that regulates appetite, need time to send a full signal to your brain. Eat more slowly and choose tasty foods that fully satisfy your palate. You should also be careful to mix the right amount of fat, protein and carbohydrate for each meal. If you are still hungry, try a mint candy or chewing gum.

Smell of food

We eat with our mouths. But also with eyes and nose. When we see or smell the food, we can get the famous “mouth water”, which will stimulate the appetite. This mechanism can also occur when we see food in photographs.


Unfortunately, it is a factor that not only leads us to choose the wrong food, but also lose control over our appetite. The STRESS leads us to choose foods that are immediately satisfying, therefore, very fat or very sugary. But the sense of mental satisfaction will necessarily affect our lives. Before moving on to the fridge, try to calm the sense of stress. You might thus avoid eating junk food.


Thirst can also stimulate appetite. And also in this case it is because the body requires more energy. If you feel hungry and your mouth is dry, you will probably just need to drink a glass of water to avoid eating.


The human being too habitual. So you end up having to eat at a given time. When it is actually counterproductive to eat without the real desire to eat. Because you risk getting to the next meal hungry. If you want to eat at a given time, but you are not hungry, it is better to opt for smaller portions. If time is not a problem, wait an hour (but no longer) to eat.


It’s a common thought eat after training. Depending on how and what we eat before we trained, the feeling of hunger could be just a feeling. It’s possible that our body did not need a full meal at that time, but specific nutrients to recover more quickly and repel the sense of hunger. In this case, a few slices of white and lean meat, a little rice or other whole grains are enough.


Some drugs have among the side effects “increased appetite”. Medications such as prednison or corticosteroid, can induce this effect. If you have already eaten a normal meal, try to ignore the hunger induced by the drug. In this case, is recommended calming hungry by stimulating salivation, e.g. chewing gum, or sipping coffee.