Why am I so tired when I wake up | Causes & Remedies

why am I so tired when I wake upWhy am I so tired when I wake up? Let’s be clear. Have you ever woken up after a long, restful night’s sleep, but felt tired again after a few hours? It is possible that (without your knowledge) your sleep during the night could be disturbed by some factors of which you are not yet aware.

This is capable of “sabotage” a good rest. Your body, maybe is not able to fully recover the energy needed to cope with a new day full of commitments. If you have already a mattress and a net suitable for your BACK, here some of the possible causes of the phenomenon. If this should recur frequently, it requires a medical examination.

Duodenogastric reflux

Duodenogastric reflux can disturb your sleep during the night, even slight. The reflux can lead the body to several moments of partial awakening during the night, making your rest of bad quality.

If you have a bad taste in your mouth when you wake up, this is a sign of poor digestion. In case of mild symptoms, it is generally recommended to end your meals at least two hours before lying down.

If you sleeping on the left side or, if you sleep on your back, raises your head with the help of an extra pillow. This can help to solve the problem, helping the esophagus to get rid of the “waste products”.


This is a disorder of the urinary system that causes the body to get rid of urine often during the night. This can lead to frequent awakening, if the stimulus signal is weaker, to a rather disturbed sleep.

In the case of mild symptoms, it is advisable to cut the amount of fluid taken during the evening and before going to bed. Medical treatment is necessary in more disturbing symptoms.


Why am I so tired when I wake up with Bruxism. Is an unconscious activity of the neuromuscular system. Can leads to teeth grinding (unconsciously) during the sleep. Bruxism causes tension in the maxillary and mandibular muscles and may result in NECK PAIN, a symptom that occur when you wake up.

The movement at the level of the mouth actually involves the body, that act instead of resting. In cases of bruxism, dentists usually recommend the use of an instrument called  “bite”. Very useful if grinding the TEETH is leading to ruin the surface.

Another advice is to avoid chewing gum during the day. If  the movement  become usual, could occur unintentionally during the night.


It’s “Restless Legs Syndrome.” It manifests itself mainly at night, causing a sort of tingling in the lower limbs. To relieve this tingling, the body finds itself forced to often move the legs. Sometimes continuously.

This syndrome is able to disturb sleep. Causing short awakenings during the night, which is able to compromise a good rest. The syndrome, start with a lack of iron and vitamins B, but also to the intake of certain drugs such as antihistamines or antidepressants.

Difficulties breathing

Some breathing difficulties can disturb night’s rest, a symptom is a frequent SNORING. Snoring and the need to breathe from the mouth during sleep, show a difficulty in inhalation and exhalation through the nose.

This occurs because the nasal septum is deviate or other diseases, such as respiratory allergies or sinusitis. The doctor can detect these symptoms.

Sleep apnea

Why am I so tired when I wake up with Sleep apnea. Is a syndrome that can cause breathing interruptions of up to ten seconds. In cases of obstructive apnea the throat closes and not allow the body to receive the amount of oxygen necessary of its functions.

The brain is able to sense the decrease in oxygen supply and so pushes the body to awaken. A specialist will be able to recommend the use of tools to remedy the problem.

Irregular Sleep-Wake Rhythm

Why am I so tired when I wake up with a poor quality of the rest. This can show how the organism has lost its state of equilibrium in governing the times. Devoted to wakefulness and rest. Light sources in your room during the night or electronic equipment left on or in stand-by, can disturb the natural need for night’s rest.

Light could be misunderstood by the body. Could then stop production of melatonin, the sleep hormone, and lead to insomnia. Your doctor may suggest that you follow a schedule for your resting hours or take melatonin as a supplement if your case so requires.

Natural remedies

First of all, you should follow a healthy and balanced DIET, rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains and legumes, to avoid deficiencies of vitamins and minerals. Prefer fresh and organic foods. Avoiding packaged foods rich in refined sugar and food additives, solvents or pesticides.

Do not underestimate the use of natural energizing herbal teas and plants, with stimulating and toning action, against the psychophysical exhaustion:

Ginseng: its roots reduce fatigue and give vitality and energy, improving the body’s response to life stimuli. Enhancing physical resistance to negative environmental factors.

Schisandra: suitable for physical and mental fatigue, antioxidant and against aging.

Rhodiola: useful against tiredness and fatigue, improves quality of sleep.

Birch: indicated in periods of strong psychophysical stress.

Aromatherapy can also be used against fatigue, there are essences that have a toning action, able to combat fatigue and help the body both physically and mentally.

Ginger Essential Oil: with a toning and rebalancing action of the energies.

Thyme Essential Oil: from the restorative action for the entire body, improves memory and is useful against mental and physical fatigue.

Rosemary Essential Oil: excellent tonic that activates memory and calms the nerves.

Against morning fatigue, relaxing massages, meditation and disciplines such as YOGA is very useful.