Why do mosquitoes exist | What is their purpose

why do mosquitoes existWhy do mosquitoes exist? Let’s be clear. Summer is beautiful. You go around, sleep with the sheet, spend a few afternoons or some evening in the park or in the middle of nature, in short, we would like it to never end. The nature is beautiful and spending time respect it is very pleasant. But nature, in summer, has only one flaw: mosquitoes.

The annoying mosquitoes, greedy predators of our blood. However, we know that everything in nature makes sense, and that nothing in nature exists by chance. So we wanted to answer a question that you certainly asked yourself: why do mosquitoes exist? In nature each species have a task.

Mosquitoes have the task to enter in the food chain of fish. While adult mosquitoes enter in the food chain of birds. This is the role of mosquitoes. They sting because females need our blood to mature their ovaries, and to do so, they need blood. We have all asked ourselves in life: if there were no mosquitoes, what would change? Is it fantabiology?

Without mosquitoes, what would change

Yes, it’s a bit of fantasy. Probably at the aquatic level mosquitoes are more important. The organisms that can be food of fish or other aquatic animals are not many, so there absence of larvae could cause some problems. If they did not exist, it would probably a little less of a problem for birds. Bats and nocturnal birds, when they fly, simply keep their mouths open and swallow a good quantity of mosquitoes, but not so many.

In the diet of the bat, mosquitoes are only 5%. Bats are not so useful for eradicating mosquitoes. It’s not like they eat that much. There is a whole current of thought in favor, they even sell the cages to make bats nest. If bats ate 50% – 70% would make sense, but they really eat so little of them… at some point bats would become the problem!

What are the other enemies?

Why do mosquitoes exist and what are the other enemy. Fish, birds, bats, but they have no others. Mosquitoes are so many because the breeding sites are so many, and they are everywhere. In many city, there are those who have the air conditioner, those who have water on the terraces. These are all breeding sites.

Very little water is enough, even a glass or a half glass, for mosquitoes to put their eggs inside. It is clear that then in tropical countries ( but once also in many country where there was malaria ) mosquitoes become a health problem. They are just a nuisance, but in other parts of the world not.

We had three, four years ago a malaria fever that had arrived in Europe. A little ‘debilitating about the elderly, gave some problems in some city, there was some case. There is no longer malaria now, some zones were malaria zones, but were reclaimed decades ago.

What would happen if mosquitoes disappeared

If mosquitoes were to become extinct, the problem would affect the food chain. Predators would have to find another source of food, thus changing balance of nature.

But there would also be repercussions on many crops ( some mosquitoes pollinate chocolate plants). Therefore, faced with the hypotheses formulated by many scientists about using genetic technology to extinguish mosquitoes, the resulting scenarios are not very encouraging.

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