Why do my eyes hurt | Reason of eyes pain

why do my eyes hurtWhy do my eyes hurt? Let’s be clear. Eye pain is a common symptom to many disease conditions. This manifestation, can cause much discomfort. Represent a temporary disorder, which should resolve spontaneously, or a sign of a more serious condition (associated with an alteration in visual function).

Most causes of eyes pain must treated with the support of an ophthalmologist. So, why do my eyes hurt? Depending on the place, there are two categories of eyes pain: First, eyes pain, it is a disorder that affects the surface and outer structures of the eyes.

Can be described as current, itchy or scratching. This symptom occurs when there is a foreign body in the eyes, infections or traumas that irritate or inflame the conjunctiva. Often, superficial pain is easily treated with eyes drops and rest of the affected eyes.

Secondly: is a dull pain that occurs behind or inside the eye and the pain can become stabbing, overwhelming or pulsating. This pain may need a specific therapeutic approach.

Why do my eyes hurt and what are the causes

Conjunctivitis: The conjunctiva, when the tissue covering the front of the eyes and the eyelid, inflame. Conjunctivitis is caused by allergies or infections (viral or bacterial) and in these cases, the pain is usually mild. The blood vessels in the conjunctiva become inflamed and the sclera, normally white, appears red (hyperemia).

Other typical symptoms associated with conjunctivitis include swelling of the eyelids, itching, photophobia and increased TEARING. Barley eyes: causes eyes pain due to acute inflammation, located near the edge of the eyelids.

Often, derives from a bacterial infection involving the sebaceous glands and hair follicles of the eyelashes. Inflammation leads to a red nodule, which is very painful to the touch. If it becomes chronic, the eyes pain worsen.


This inflammation of the eyelids can cause irritation and eye pain.
Abrasions and Corneal ulcers: These two conditions are very common causes of eye pain. The corneal surface on the front of the eye is susceptible to injury.

Abrasions occur when the cornea are scratched by a foreign body (eyelashes, dust, make-up particles, and so on) or by inappropriate use of contact lenses, while ulcers occur due to infection of the same lesions. Both conditions can be very painful and can lead to a constant sensation of a foreign body inside the eye.

Foreign body in the eye: small materials or substances that come into contact with the cornea or conjunctiva can cause burning and the feeling that something is inside the eyes. Foreign bodies produce eye pain similar to corneal abrasion, with irritation, redness and tearing of the eyes.

Contact lenses

Why do my eyes hurt with contact lenses? People who do not handle contact lenses properly are more susceptible to eye pain by local irritation. Wearing contact lenses at night or not cleaning them properly can promote infections, such as keratitis.

Chemical burns: exposure of the eyes to acid or alkaline substances, such as household cleaners or bleach. Chemical burns is extremely painful. Exposure to intense light sources, such as sunshine, tanning lamps or welding sparks, can cause symptoms similar to chemical burns.

Home remedies

The best way to treat many of the conditions that cause pain is to allow the eyes to rest. Attaching a computer or television screen for a long time can cause fatigue. Also, touching or rubbing the area increases irritation, worsens symptoms and may cause further damage.

If a foreign body comes into contact with the surface of the eye, it helpful to wash the area with plenty of lukewarm water or a salt solution. If the procedure is ineffective, it is not recommended to remove them yourself. It is advisable to contact immediately some medical professionals.


Treatment varies depending on the cause of eye pain. Many therapeutic approaches need an interview with the physician, who can decide severity of symptoms and other problems, such as eyes disease or other pathological conditions.