Why do people kiss | What is the reason of kissing

why do people kissWhy do people kiss? What’s the reason of kissing? Is there more intimacy in a kiss or in a sexual relationship? What mean the kiss for a woman? And for a man? Let’ be clear. The kiss is something really intimate, even more than sex. Something that ties two people together. The kiss represents a genuine desire for love for someone else. The couples who kiss more are also the most gratified by the relationship.

But why do people kiss and what does it mean for women and men a kiss?  What is behind a passionate kiss? Men and women have a different perception of kissing, in fact, women value kissing much more than men. For this reason, through a kiss a woman is able to evaluate whether a partner is the right one, or if a relationship has come to the end. Men, on the other hand, would give more emphasis to the physical aspect and the kiss would be seen as a preliminary of sex (obviously there are always exceptions).

Why do people kiss and what are the reason

Another possible reason why do people kiss has to do with saliva. Since human saliva contains sex hormones, such as testosterone, and the mucous membrane of the mouth is sensitive to these hormones. The act of kissing (doing so with your tongue) could be a way to get to know each other sexually. More than a thousand students (all heterosexual) were asked questions about their kissing preferences.

The result was that men like kissing with more saliva than women, and for this reason men, are less sensitive to chemosensory messages. Need a greater amount of saliva to decide whether or not to mate with a woman. Another hypothesis is that for men PASSIONATE KISS, is an unconscious way to pass testosterone to a women, as this hormone can increase excitement. Whether it’s a way to sniff closely or to exchange saliva, kissing is not widespread in all cultures. Only 46 percent of 168 human cultures use the touching each other’s lips between partners.

Why do people kiss on the neck

The kiss can be expressed in many forms and ways. The fact is that in all kisses there is a common element, the use of lips. Are one of the most sensitive areas of our body and especially have a high concentration of nerve endings, which allow us to send quickly, messages to our brain. Kiss on the neck, can be as delicate kiss, but also as very exciting and provocative kiss. The kiss on the neck can be given with different modalities between them. It can be realized with closed lips or with semi open lips. In fact, starting from a simple kiss on the neck, we can end up with something different.

The reason why do people kiss on the neck is that the kiss on the neck highlights the ability, of those who practice it, to “enjoy” in all senses. You can feel the taste of the skin, the smell of the skin, but also the type of skin (through the sense of touch). Because when we kiss on the neck, at the same time we breathe and touch the partner, not only with the mouth but also with the tip of our nose. The kiss on the neck can be given in various points. You have the possibility of kissing the neck in different parts (near the ears or in the area below the chin). In the same way, those who receive the kiss on the neck are usually very satisfied, the feeling is very pleasant.

Why do people kiss on the cheek

The kiss on the cheek is usually an affectionate gesture that we give to friends and family but also to our partner. Catching him by surprise. A strong kiss on the cheek to show the affection. However, may also be the anticipation of another type of kiss more intense that will come soon. On the other hand, if the kiss on the cheek becomes a habit (for a couple). It means that the passion is decreasing.

Why do people kiss: French kiss

French kiss is a symbol of sweetness and passion. The kiss most widespread in the world. The French kiss, the one given with tongue. It is a kiss that expresses sweetness, but also passion and can be overwhelming. Turn into a passionate kiss when something “hotter” coming soon. It is one of the most feared kisses, but also liked. There are those who venture by the trials with the mirror, hand or pillow in order not to arrive unprepared to the magic moment. But this is a natural gesture that it doesn’t need proof, especially if given to the right person. In couples it is used more when a relationship is at the beginning. After is exclusively (or almost) a preliminary, a gesture related to the intimacy between the two partners.

Why do people kiss and bite

Among the passionate kisses the kiss with bite is the strongest because it involves the lips, tongue and TEETH. Used to bite the lips of the partner in order to express the desire we feel. Can be a way to make it clear that you want something more, the prelude to a passionate relationship, but, be careful how you use your teeth. Too much pressure could make your lips bleed and it is not pleasant to find yourself with bleeding lips, especially at certain times. If you prefer something less strong, you can choose the “sandwich” kiss, where the upper lip is positioned under the upper lip of the partner. A romantic way of expressing one’s desire.

Why do people kiss on the forehead

The kiss on the forehead is a tender gesture. Usually give to the people we care about and it can also express security, as well as affection. Just as a kiss on the nose or eyes, same like an “angel’s kiss”, can also be a playful gesture that recalls childhood. The kisses that our parents or grandparents gave us. When your partner gives it to you, it is also a way to pamper you , but also a gesture of care and protection.