Why does my lower back hurt | Symptoms & causes

why does my lower back hurtWhy does my lower back hurt? Let’s be clear. This type of problem manifests itself with pain in the area of the sacrum (sacral region). Sometimes this pain can be more to one side. In this case it can be a problem related to the sacroiliac joint. Lower back pain has some typical situations in which it occurs, and they are:

Sitting for a long time, especially on surfaces that are too hard or too soft. Standing up after sitting, with reduction as you walk. In the morning when you wake up, with reduction after a few minutes. However, these are not the only occasions when this type of pain can occur. So, Why does my lower back hurt? The lower back can hurt during physical activity, perhaps in a position of bending of the spine.

Why does my lower back hurt and what are the causes

The causes of a low back pain can be many. Knowing the cause in detail is the first step to intervene effectively and in most cases resolving the problem. Possible causes of low back pain are to be considered as examples. Is always recommended that you consult a doctor who will direct you to the correct diagnostic tests. Especially if it is the first time you suffer from low back pain. In fact, the causes of back pain may not be strictly structural. But involve visceral structures, or some aspect of POSTURE.

Other causes can be inflammation of one or both iliac sacred joints.

Irritation of the connective and muscular tissue bands placed over the sacrum bone.

In most cases, these two situations are related to “muscle imbalances”. Wich means that the muscles in the area work poorly, being too weak or too contracted. As often happens in different places of the HUMAN BODY, when the muscles work badly the bone structures to which they are attached are inflamed. In this case, the muscles involved are the BUTTOCK, and the lumbar muscles. Remember that the sacrum can be a “reflex zone” of many visceral disorders (even if not serious), first of all the uterus/ovary complex.

A woman with uterine prolapse can be more subject to this type of problem. The muscles of the pelvic floor are also attached to the sacrum. Other place that may reflect in the “lower back” area are the prostate and the intestine. In some rare cases, inflammation of both iliac sacrum joints, accompanied by HIP pain and nocturnal pain, can be a sign of a rheumatic condition (spondylitis). Do not panic because you have read about these “connections” with the organs or spondylitis, they are a minority of cases.

Causes involving Intervertebral disc disease

The intervertebral disc is a pad between two vertebrae that anatomically consists of a fibrous ring and a pulpy nucleus (contained by the ring). There may be many reasons why this fibrous ring can break down. Thus creating  a small estroflexion that can irritate the nerve that passes right next to it. If there is a complete rupture, and a complete leakage of the gel contained on the disc, this condition is called herniated disc. Whether we talk about herniated disc or protrusion, you will have the possibility that this condition, given the proximity to the nerve structures.

Can lead to an irritation of one or more fibres of the sciatica nerve. Leading to sciatica pain with irradiation and discomfort. Along the leg in the lateral area. This condition is the most frequent and it is important to have a complete approach as soon as possible. Being affected by a protrusion is much better than a herniated disc, but it should be considered that each hernia was previously a protrusion. So as soon as you are affected by lumbar pain it is essential to act quickly.

Why does my lower back hurt with arthrosis

Like all structures, joints also experience arthrosis. A degeneration of the joint surfaces, and loss of cartilage. Arthrosis is a physiological process, which with increasing age is normal to find in an X-ray. It is not normal in the young, or middle-aged. There is probably an overload factor that leads to wear out the joints. Therefore, the posture must be completely investigated in search of some factors that predisposing arthrosis in the stretch of the spine affected by this degenerative process.

Muscle pain

Muscle pain can be a frequent cause of low back pain. Generally, the muscles suffer most from problems related to muscle contracture. This can trigger a pathological condition. The most involved muscles are: the Lumbar muscle, dorsal, abdomen, and the buttocks.

Such muscles, can cause pain and irritation in even distant areas simulating sometimes sciatica, or other disorders. It is important that a diagnosis is made to identify the nature of the problems and treat these points in the right way. Standing for too long or a sudden forward movement can cause sudden acute pain, which can lead to a complete blockage of the so-called “witch shot”.

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