Why is exercise important to keep your mind and body healthy

why is exercises importantWhy is exercise important? Let’s be clear. We all need to do a bit of sport, once in a while, and not just to LOSE WEIGHT. Whether it’s taking a long walk along the river, going to the mountains, taking a bike ride or a football game.

Physical activity helps us vent the accumulated STRESS and channel energy. Anyone can find an activity they like. If you think that you’re “not fit for sport”, maybe it’s because you haven’t found what you’re looking for yet. So, why is exercise important? Time to time help to keep fit and relieve the tension.

Just look around a bit, take a positive attitude and the result is guaranteed. You will never regret having done it, or at least have tried it. The benefits of exercise for your body, but also for your mind, are many. Try to get out of the house and make a couple of hours of movement every week, you would feel a quick change, inside and outside.

Benefits of sport on the body

Why is exercise important and what is the benefit for your body. Sport makes you lose weight. A good DIET is not enough to lose weight and restore your fitness. In fact, it is necessary to combine a healthy diet with constant physical exercise. Especially in children, it reduces the risk of obesity.

It improves cardiovascular activity, implementing the functioning of the heart, the transport of blood and oxygenation of muscle and brain tissues. It is good for muscle tissues, strengthening them and making them more elastic and oxygenated. Reduces blood pressure and improves metabolism.

Helps regenerate brain cells by improving circulatory activity. It is good for breathing activity, keeping the lungs healthy. In fact, sport can reduce stress, asthma crises and train the body in proper oxygen management.

It reduces cholesterol levels and improves the immune system. Good for the bones, preventing and reducing the risk of osteoporosis. Reduces the risk of premature death due to heart attacks or ischemia.

Benefit for your mind

Why is exercise important and what are the benefit for your mind. It improves the mood. During the exercises, the brain releases endorphins and serotonin, the hormones of happiness.

Helps to manage competitiveness. By practicing a competitive sport, you learn to win and to lose to manage frustrations. Learning from your mistakes and pushing yourself to improve more and more.

You can make friends. Whether you go to the gym, run to the park or to some club, you’ll always be surrounded by other people. This is a great way to make friends and meet new people with whom you can maybe organize for the next time.

Teach teamwork. Especially important for children, team sport teaches on that you win together and lose together, without having to pass the blame on to each other. So, sport teaches trust and responsibility, keeping protagonism and selfishness off the field.

Has an incredible calming effect. The physical effort helps to vent all the frustrations that you have accumulated throughout the day. If practiced in the morning, you can start the day more relaxed.

Teach people to respect the rules. Every sport has its own rules, and learning to respect them, is essential to be able to have fun and collect the best from the experience.

It helps you overcome your limits. With every race, every workout, every game, you will improve. And the more you improve, the more you realize that you can do more and more. And the satisfaction will be huge.

It reduces stress and ANXIETY. A few hours of sport help you to relax, get rid of the adrenaline, taking away space for bad thoughts and bad moods. It frees the mind and helps concentration, stimulating creativity.

Benefits for your brain

Why is exercise important and what is the benefit for your brain. Increases concentration. How to concentrate when everything stops us? There are many benefits of physical activity that help concentration.

Sport teaches us discipline and self-control. It helps you to concentrate, ignoring and eliminating possible sources of distraction. Having the mind free from anxiety and stress can only promote the ability to concentrate.

Physical activity increases blood flow and oxygenation of the body and brain, reducing weakness that often afflicts us after a busy day.
Increases SELF-ESTEEM. Physical training has important effects on self-esteem because improve physical appearance (reduce fat, brighter skin, etc.) and allows you to reach your goals.

Increases the feeling of well-being, dispels bad mood and improves social life. What does self-esteem have to do with brain efficiency? Much, because it helps to engage with constancy. It also helps to ensure that you can achieve your goal.

Helps memory. Regular physical activity has beneficial effects on the proper functioning of the brain because produces new neurons in the brain and increase brain connections. Helps to keep neurons alive and vital, particularly in the hippocampus, which is crucial for memorization processes.