Why is my hair falling out | Causes of hair loss

why is my hair falling outWhy is my hair falling out? Let’s be clear. Hair loss is one of the most common and discussed issues among women (even among men). When a hair is in the fall phase, it means that it has finished its natural life cycle and is destined, sooner or later, to fall. So about 100 hairs a day is lost. But when dealing with the problem of hair loss there can be many causes triggering. Let’s see which ones.

Hormonal Imbalances?

Why is my hair falling out with hormonal Imbalances? Imbalances and hormonal changes, such as a drop in estrogen in women, can lead to hair loss. This can occur in several phenomena. Hormonal imbalances due to diets, EATING DISORDERS, or changes in life, such as menopause or after pregnancy / breastfeeding.

Why is my hair falling out with an incorrect diet?

Alimentation. an incorrect diet, lacking in amino acids, proteins or substances such as zinc and vitamin D, leave the hair without the necessary energy for its life cycle, lengthening the phase of hair loss, to the detriment of the phase of hair growth.

Why is my hair falling out with stress?

Even stress can cause hair loss. Intense and prolonged stress can be, which debilitates the body and takes energy away from it. In fact, the biological cycle of the hair it needs a lot of energy. So when there is a lack of energy (caused by stress) the hair immediately suffers, become thin, break and fall.

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Change of season?

Why is my hair falling out with a Change of season? This is a phenomenon related to the seasonality. Between August and September is the hair is in the telogen phase. The hair is still in place in the follicle but its vital activities are virtually over. In fact no longer grows and soon will end up falling. In summer, therefore, the percentage of hair destined to be lost in a few weeks is high while in winter it is reduced.

Why is my hair falling out with a hereditary factor?

Sometimes intense and prolonged hair loss is due to a pathological condition of the body. Such as intestinal dysfunction or thyroid . The most common form of hair loss, however, is androgenic alopecia. Is genetically transmitted on the X chromosome. The mother transmits it to the children.

Why is my hair falling out with Smoking?

Smoking has a negative effect on blood circulation. Damages the DNA of the hair follicle and increases the risk of inflammation. Causes an imbalance in the balance of the epidermal tissue during hair growth. Moreover, smoking, even passive, increases the male hormones and for this reason would be associated with the increased risk of androgenetic alopecia.

Why is my hair falling out with drugs?

Drug induced alopecia is caused by therapeutic agents that can interfere with the normal life cycle of the hair. There are several pharmaceutical categories that cause Iatrogenic alopecia. Antiviral drugs, blood thinners, drugs for the treatment of cholesterol and acne, antidepressants, and chemotherapy.

Why is my hair falling out with smog and sun

The sun’s rays, if very strong and direct, induce cell death of the bulbs, just like the fibroblasts of the skin. The same process is also induced by fine dust and heavy metals that are deposited on the hair and scalp in those who live in big cities very polluted. Causing so the “sensitive scalp”, or an inflammation induced by these substances.

Why is my hair falling out and when to worry

If you find hair on the pillow, brush, floor, on the carpets, and even on the couch and in the car. The hair that collects after washing with shampoo is a false indicator. First of all, when wet it seems more because it joins in a kind of mush voluminous. Also to be observed the upper area of the head, forehead and temples. These are the areas where physiologically more hair is lost. If the hairline also appears higher than usual, it is better to worry.

The state of the nails is also indicative. They are made up of the same amino acids as the hair (in particular, keratin). If they flake, break and have difficulty growing strong, you probably suffer from some deficiency. It is important to examine one’s lifestyle. The diet provided all the nutrients? Or is it lacking in proteins, fatty acids and vitamins useful for hair? If you often eat outside with fast food meals, poor in fruit and vegetables, fish and meat, legumes and eggs, you should change your diet.