Why is sleep important | Why do we need sleep

why is sleep importantWhy is sleep important? Let’s be clear. Rest properly is very important, especially nowadays. The daily activities and the fast pace of life have led the need to rest of seven or eight hours a day. Unfortunately, many people do not understand this need that our organism has and underestimate the lack of sleep. But the reality is quite different, our body needs to rest.

A first reason, is because the mind and the brain work in order to better memorize all the concepts and knowledge learned during the day. During sleep the brain activates a kind of “self-cleaning system”, which would eliminate all “waste” produced during daily activities (ie neurotoxins).  Thus reducing the risk of contracting diseases dangerous to our body.

If the brain has little time to recharge and get rid of the STRESS accumulated throughout the day. It will face a number of problems such as a reduced ability to concentrate or memory problems. Another reason why is sleep important, is to help the body to avoid various types of problems and diseases such as DIABETES TYPE 2.

Increase stress

It is well known that a lack of sleep for long periods predisposes our body to an increase in stress and increasing the production of cortisol. This hormone, if produced in large quantities, will have negative effects that can lead to suffering from hypertension and DEPRESSION.

Why is sleep important, and what have to do with obesity. Poor sleep leads the body to have high levels of ghrelin, another hormone responsible for our appetite. If the levels of this hormone are high, we would have more appetite than a person who sleeps regularly.

So we will need to eat more and we will have difficulty keeping the physical condition. Regular sleep will help your body stay active. While maintaining an acceptable reaction time to unforeseen events. It has been shown that reflexes are slower in people who not sleep properly.

What happens during night

During the night, the body slows down its physiological functions. The temperature drops, the metabolism slow down, the blood pressure stabilizes and the tissues regenerate.

Good hours of sleep also help to give new life to the memory and to make us more vigilant and attentive, that’s why is sleep important. Afternoon naps can be a valid support, but it is essential to sleep well at night.

In fact, our body is “programmed” to rest at night.  Which is why when we are late for various reasons and we want make up for “lost” sleep ( at the weekend for example) this does not actually happen. In fact, according to some research, sleeping too much at the weekend would even be unhealthy.

How much sleep do we need?

The amount you need every day varies throughout your life. Although it also depends on each person, an adult should generally sleep 7 or 8 hours a night. For teenagers, the number of hours is raised to 8 or 9, while for school-age children it is preferable to have a maximum of 10 hours. Some people compensate for the hours of loss sleep at night with the afternoon nap.

It can provide short-term support in the quality of performance. However, naps do not provide all the other benefits of regular sleep activity. Usually, people tend to sleep more on holiday than at work, which can be a sign of damage to the quality of sleep.  Although this attitude seems to make us feel better, it can actually disturb the “sleep-wake rhythm” of our bodies.

Ensuring the right hours of rest for the body is very important. For this reason, if you realize that you are not sleeping enough and that you are losing more hours of sleep than normal, contact your doctor, who will be able to advise you the right way to solve the problem.

Why is sleep important for our body?

Our body, needs rest to recover strength and spend as little energy as possible. Sometime the problems of INSOMNIA are often replaced by EATING DISORDERS .  In fact, our body, not receiving the right number of hours of rest, requires a greater use of energy to “work”, until it ends up in pathological states.

Many people who sleep not enough, eat during the night, or tend to seek refuge in food, outside meal times, during the day.  The body will also be more functional, toned and strong if kept well at rest, for this reason professional athletes have in their training program, “sleep the right number of hours”.

Even in these cases, especially for those who need to maintain a high level of physical performance, sleeping is not enough. It must be done in the best possible conditions.  The disturbed rest, frequently interrupted, increases the load of mental and physical stress, it can wear down your body.

The muscles and the spine. Are strongly affected by rest. Remaining in tension, tire many parts of our body, risking not to let it rest fully or even develop forms of scoliosis or other chronic problems.