Why men pull away | What to do in this cases

why men pull awayWhy men pull away? Let’s be clear. These things happen slowly. Often it seems that everything is going well and then you do not know why… men pull away. Why does this happen? What happens in their heads?

Let’s go and analyze this situation, and find out why men pull away and when you can do something about it. Sometimes, even when a man seems interested in the woman, after a period of “spring”, he withers, moves away and disappears. For many women this often happens.

Another example, the male is strongly interested. Then, without explanation, the boy takes the distance before disappearing. It happens in real and virtual relationships. How long have you been wondering why and not find an answer?

She’s falling in love

Let’s start from the first chance. Probably men pull away because starts to feel strong feelings and this scares them. When a man starts to feel strong feelings, he tends to feel a strong emotional imbalance, and this is a source of great STRESS.

In addition, consider that unlike a woman, a man does not say. If starting to feel something when he already has other problems, it is more than likely that he wants to try to deal with things one by one, before dedicating himself entirely to you.

Try to understand without being intrusive, if something is wrong. Sometimes asking shy but well-settled questions. This clarifies the situation and makes it easier for him to know that you are waiting for him.


He may have had relationship problems. Is possible that you don’t know, but he had earlier stories that were problematic. Maybe throwing himself into a RELATIONSHIP terrifies him, literally.

The end of a turbulent story or the sudden end of a relationship, can lead a man anxious, indifferent and stressed. Even just thinking of approaching the life of a couple again.

In this case it is recommended asking questions and identifying trustworthy people among his friends who can talk a little ‘of his past and can shed light on this apparently mysterious behavior.

Why is a man elusive?

Why men pull away and why they are elusive. Clearly, you too can guilty of something. Maybe you’re doing some things that you don’t have to do at all if he’s not looking for you. Or you start to act as if you two were having a relationship.

This puts a lot of fear in a man, who tends to pull away. If you’ve put pressure on him, even very little time has passed, try to take a step back. If you don’t want to lose it, do not press him and don’t make it anxious.

If that’s not the case, no matter how bad it is, he may not feel the same way and not want to tell you because he’s afraid to hurt you. Very frequent behavior in the male universe.

When a man gets cold

The answer to this question is simpler than you think. If you have not been able to understand why a man in love goes away, then start thinking about yourself. Take advantage of his estrangement to think, to reflect on how things went.

This will give you time to understand if you have actually made a mistake and it will give him room to move towards you. Leave him free, so he will miss you and will return to you spontaneously.

In addition, as much as it can make you shake, try to control your anger. Being passive and aggressive, sending him messages full of anger or call him and scream will only send him even further away.

What to do

If he has not even given you an explanation, it is useless trying to understand why he did it, what were the reasons that led him to make such a drastic decision. Don’t worry, don’t stalk him to discover news, don’t cause an explosion in your head because of the overabundance of thoughts.

Try to fill the time. This helps to overcome the negativity that we often cause. Throw yourself headlong into the studio, work, gym, comedy TV series, ART or music. Any activity produces very useful benefits. Set yourself a goal and try to achieve it with all your heart.

In most cases it is a panacea for your SELF-ESTEEM, harmony and inner balance, it is the most important proof that you can give yourself. To see with your eyes that even without him you can do it.


It is the sudden detachment from the person who loved us that gives the feeling of loneliness. What to do? Simply surround ourselves with people who love us. It is known, that the Family is the most important and sacred thing in this world!

So, why not spend more time with family and people who love us. And then… Pillar of the life of each of us: friends. True friends will understand your state of mind even before you tell them and they will immediately know how helping you!

Surrounded by these wonderful people, family and friends, your good mood will benefit! Put them in a position to help you. It’s all up to you. The first step must be taken immediately.