WordPress seo plugin optimization for SEO check

wordpress seo pluginCheck your website as a Google spider, As often happens when it comes to SEO tools, we are always a bit skeptical. Our plugin is able to evaluate a website in its entirety with great skill and without spins of words, without neglecting any of the most important aspects, that’s why I appreciate his work. Today we talks about a somewhat more technical tool that will help us to correct any anomalies in the SEO of our website. Our powerful plugin acts with numerous advanced crawling features ,so you can highlight any anomalies to be corrected in order not to undermine the ability to index. The initial project – also known to be one of the few in this sense realized in our country – was born years ago and then consistently developed in the following years.


Our plugin allows you to analyze in detail the architecture of a wordpress website, to visually highlight critical issues on which to focus, certainly saving valuable time. It proves an interesting tool for freelancers, consultants, SEO, webmasters as it allows you to analyze in depth the structure of a wordpress website with an all-powerful technical SEO analysis tool, to produce a series of easy-to-understand visual reports that favor the identification of anomalies to be corrected. Each project can integrate multiple sites that can be scanned , for example to follow their own projects or to analyze competitors. Thanks to our plugin you can analyze the backlink profile of a portal , the tool is among other things able to normalize the URLs entered. Great importance is given to the analysis of XML sitemaps. The structure can be ordered according to visibility, which should reflect the importance that search engines should attribute to content. The tool also allows you to generate lists of old routes , to inform search engines of their status faster Read more