WoW Guide World Of Warcraft Level 1 To 110 Fast

wow guide

It can said that WoW guide is one of the best in recent years. The prestigious brand. the publishing house and the materials certainly make us think of a great title. And in fact the game does not disappoint, is a masterpiece and not presenting flaws. It is a game that will surely make lovers of the fantasy-quest genre fall in love, but who will dissatisfy the other players.

Purpose of the game

You must succeed in the 30 rounds planned to eliminate the great monster that invades the lands of Azeroth. Or, alternatively, you need to make sure your team is strong enough to defeat your opponent in the last fight. This game is a game of factions. Half of the players will embody the good adventurers of the alliance, while the other is evil of the horde. This system allows a very entertaining coordinated strategic game. It preserves the positive aspects of the cooperative game (it is the faction that wins, not the single) without canceling the competition among the players, which is one of the most beautiful elements of the games.

Throughout the game then players will be engaged through quests to raise their character level and equip him so as to be ready during the final battle. Playing the game The game takes place in alternate turns: horde, alliance. During each turn, the actions required by the specific turn are performed first.  (resolution of events, appearance of new objects in the cities). Then each character of the turn faction can perform two actions … the order in which these actions are performed is at complete discretion of the players and it is important to plan it well as a team. With one action you can do several things , get the bes World Of Warcraft Guide today Read more