Yoga online strategy to a fast metabolism

yoga online strategyYoga through the Asanas, that is the positions that we assume during practice, helps us to eliminate every negative emotion (delusions, pains, etc.) from our bones, muscular tissues, veins. It purifies us completely on a physical, emotional and mental level. It helps us to free ourselves from limiting beliefs, from the burdens and burdens we have inherited from our ancestors and from the society in which we live. Yoga frees us from the sufferings of the mind and life, with its philosophy that finds solution to every problem. It leads you to transform what can be transformed and to accept what can not be.

Unit and Self-healing

When we practice Yoga, our awareness is brought into the here and now. The body and the mind are in unity, and what is unity is by definition complete, whole and healthy. You let go of the fragmentation that we often find in the modern world, where we run on the carpet in the gym and watch TV. You learn to be present in what we do and for the people around us. When we are in unity the body is put in a position to regenerate and self-heal on every mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level. We will enjoy longevity, so that we will have all the time, to devote ourselves completely to the realization of what we have come here to realize.

Mastery and Satisfaction

Through the complete practice of yoga, we improve our awareness and also the way we manage our energy and take responsibility for our energy. Mantras (sacred sounds), Asanas, mudras (sacred gestures), pranayama (breathing that broadens vital energy) are instruments that together help us to manage our energy as we wish, to become queens and kings of our own Life. These tools are very effective to bring the mind to the Service of the Heart and help us to achieve anything our Heart desires. We will be bursting with satisfaction and we will experience life more and more as a great gift to be unpacked day after day, not as a burden to bear with great effort. Yoga connects us with our most intimate Essence, with our body of Joy. It connects us with our Unlimited nature, Infinity, Eternal and Joyous. It connects us to our innate bliss, a state of well-being independent of external circumstances Read more